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Into December….

The snow has turned our blogger's attention to one particular provider who does home visits

We have run into all sorts of problems with a longterm monopoly community service provider. The 18 week wait aspiration is routinely broken. Referral by Choose and Book is futile as there is no choice. The health promotion message has failed despite repeated calls to address the BMI of the figurehead. A predilection of the company to employ only those of small phenotype has called its racial discrimination policies into question.

PROMS (Parentally recorded outcome measures) are not routinely utilised.Consent is not formally sought for access rights during home visits and there is an inequity of provision in that older fossil fuel using properties are favoured. The latter has raised ecological protest.

Transport staff have had their telangiectatic rhinophyma unfairly drawn to attention.

While no formal complaints procedure is accessible we have had feedback that there is no in-hours service, no female options, and some have been positively scared by the dimly lit sight of an hirsute ,boozing ,old man emptying his sack on the lounge carpet.

Yes,Santa`s job is up for Any Willing Provider next year.

Dr Clive Henderson is chair of Goole, Howden and West Wolds locality commissioning group

Dr Clive Henderson Dr Clive Henderson