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Make changes real, not cosmetic, say GPs

GPs and managers fear the proposed NHS changes will be cosmetic rather than real, a listening event heard this week.

Over 100 GPs and managers attended the event held in Wetherby on Tuesday.

Dr Mike Dixon, chair of the NHS Alliance who chaired the meeting said: ‘There was a feeling among those present that the current rhetoric was good. However, they also said they had heard good rhetoric in the past and now need to be reassured that this time it is different, that it would not be the same old people at the top doing the same old things and then hanging GPs and practices out to dry as scapegoats for a failed system.’

Dr Dixon added: ‘GPs and practices apparently are not convinced this is real rather than cosmetic. Is it a revolution or simply another version of a top heavy NHS that doesn’t want to lose its grip?’

Some participants said the Government might have to be even more radical than it is at present in terms of changing commissioning rules.

Size of consortia was also discussed at the event with participants saying size should matter for the task the consortia are trying to deliver, rather than the actual size of consortia that should be created at the outset. It was felt consortia could remain small in size but create ‘bigness’ by working with neighbours to manage risk and work with acute trusts.

Consortia also said they wanted hospital data in real time rather than three to six months afterwards.

The listening event is one of four being organised by the NHS Alliance and RCGP to formulate a national feedback report for the Government’s consultation on the white paper which closes on October 11.

The next two events, which are free to primary care clinicians and managers, will be held in Leicester on September 29 and Newbury on October 5.

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