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Mapping PBC

Check out our interactive map of PBC case-studies across the country, sorted by disease and area.

You can zoom in on the map, drag it to see different parts of the country and click on individual markers to see what's happening in your area.

Map of PBC case-studies

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Map Key

Dark blue marker - Private PBC provider company
Yellow marker - COPD service
Pink marker - Diabetes
Light blue marker - Social enterprise
Red marker - Emergency Admissions
Green marker - Dermatology
Red pin - Cardiology
Yellow pin - Referral gateway area
Dark blue pin - Diagnostics
Green pin - Gynaecology
Light blue pin - Minor surgery
Purple pin - GP provider company
Pink pin - Cancer
Blue marker, no dot - Proactive care
Red marker, no dot - Prescribing
Green marker, no dot - Avoiding admissions
Light blue marker, no dot - Musculoskeletal
Pink marker, no dot - Gastroenterology
Purple marker, no dot - Horizontal interaction
Yellow marker, no dot - Pain management
Green clinic - Sexual health
Red circle with waves - Neurology
Red cross - ENT
Pink camera - Ophthalmology

Practical Commissioning map