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NHS Alliance : give us headroom to make changes

‘Primary care commissioners must not be overshadowed by centralisation and a secondary care dominated health system, which has, time and again, failed to deliver better services for patients and tax payers' said NHS Alliance chair Dr Michael Dixon.


He added: 'If proposed changes to Government health reforms go ahead as announced, they are in real danger of neutering clinical commissioning. It would be tragic to see it join the rubbish dump of previous similar initiatives, such as practice-based commissioning, primary care groups, locality commissioning and fundholding.'

The Alliance has concerns about proposals for clinical networks (‘covering many more areas of specialist care, which will be given a stronger role in commissioning') and senates to be ‘hosted' by the NHS Commissioning Board. The Alliance believes there is a real danger that these plans, as they currently stand, could result in greater centralisation and secondary care dominance.