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‘Organised business manager’ essential for authorisation, say first-wave CCGs

A ‘highly organised business manager’ is essential for CCGs to gain authorisation with no conditions, say successful applicants from the first wave of CCGs to undergo the process.

The Primary Care Commissioning group asked the eight first-wave CCGs who were authorised with no conditions attached for tips for other CCGs going through the process.

They identified organisation, attention to detail in documentation and providing robust evidence on the policies and processes in place to support their application.

Of the 34 CCGs authorised in the first wave in early December, 26 were authorised with conditions attached. Most of these conditions were low-level, meaning the NHS Commissioning Board would provide expertise in the relevant areas, but there were some level three conditions, which require CCGs to get sign-off from the Board on certain decisions.

Dr Sarah Baker, Warrington CCG chief clinical officer, said commissioners had to demonstrate they had adequate procedures in place for 119 criteria and a manager could ensure this was in place.

She said: ‘Authorisation is not all about commissioning in practice – evidence from doing so is only part of it. It is about documenting your governance, policy and processes.

‘You need good paperwork and use phrases that meet the larger requirements around those things – have someone on your team that can present that detail.’