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Reaction: DH to redraft competition rules

‘The last thing we wanted was a situation where every decision was to be open to legal challenge. We asked for that clarification, and if that means a redraft, I am relaxed with that as long as we end up in a situation where CCGs are masters of their own destiny and not the lawyers.’

Dr Charles Alessi, NAPC chair


‘We are delighted – and relieved – that the Government has listened to us and responded so quickly and positively. We now urge the Government to work with us to develop an acceptable set of replacement regulations that will ensure GP commissioners have the freedom to make decisions in the best interests of our patients and in line with the values that have underpinned the NHS for the past 65 years.’

Professor Clare Gerada, RCGP chair

‘It will be vital to have an absolute reassurance that commissioners really will be allowed to make the best decisions about the use of competition in providing high quality services for their local populations. Commissioners must not be forced into tendering services inappropriately, wasting the NHS precious time and money.’

Dr Mark Porter, BMA chair


‘The Minister is to be congratulated for listening to those who will now be leading the commissioning of healthcare in the NHS. It is essential that we have the clarity we need that where it is in patients’ best interests CCGs are able to deliver co-operation and integration.’

Dr Michael Dixon, interim President of NHS Clinical Commissioners


“It’s good to see Norman Lamb responding to the huge public outcry about these latest NHS privatisation plans by committing to look again at the regulations. Now he must make sure that any new regulations honour the promises that ministers made to Parliament and the public when the Health and Social Care Act went through Parliament in 2012.’

David Babbs, executive director of 38 Degrees