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Tory commissioning plans will ‘see common sense return to NHS’

Newly elected Conservative MP, Dr Sarah Wollaston, says Tory policy to hand GP real commissioning budgets will see more common sense return to the NHS.

GP Dr Wollaston, MP for Totnes, Devon, was speaking about controversial caps and restrictions on GPs referrals that are coming to light, as PCTs move to reduce spending on acute services.

She told Pulse newspaper the Tory policy of handing real commissioning budgets to GPs would reduce the prevalence of such controversial schemes.

‘If GPs have more control over commissioning we would see more common sense return to the NHS. It's this tsunami of targets that we have to get away from. There is a finite resource in the NHS but those decisions should be based on clinical need. We need to return clinical decision-making to clinicans.'

Andrew Lansley has been announced as the new health secretary in the coalition cabinet.

Dr Sarah Wollaston Dr Sarah Wollaston