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Women hold just a fifth of GP positions on CCG boards

Exclusive: Only a third of CCG board members – and just a fifth of GPs on boards – are women, according to Pulse's analysis.

Our investigation found a clear majority of CCG board seats are currently occupied by men, with just 35% of 1,153 identifiable board positions held by women, and only 21% of chair posts. In total, the 100 CCG boards analysed were comprised of 398 women and 755 men.

Among GPs, the disparity was even more marked, with just 21% of GP board positions taken by women.

Dr Clare Gerada, RCGP chair and a GP in Lambeth, south London, said: ‘It is the usual issues. I suspect a lot of boards are taken up by the old guard, and the old guard were predominantly men. It may also be, of course, that the women prefer to stay in the surgery and see patients.'