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Blood on the carpet for NHS IT

By Ian Quinn

The Government has confirmed plans - exclusively revealed by Pulse last month - that it intends to rip up the centralised rollout of the Summary Care Record by putting patients in charge of their records.

According to the White Paper an ‘information revolution' will mean ‘the patient will determine who else can access their records and will easily be able to see changes when they are made to their records.'

A senior source told Pulse recently the Government was ‘profoundly, deeply troubled' by the rollout which was slammed by researchers at University College London who concluded the programme's problems were so deep routed they could not be solved, and claimed senior IT managers had deliberately rushed the rollout in the run-up to the election to save it from the axe.

The National Programme for IT as a whole is set to face huge cutbacks, with a consultation due to be launched to decide its exact fate.

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