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BMA must uphold UK human rights

One would take it as a prerequisite of any member of the medical profession that we aim to uphold the highest standards of human rights. The treatment of vulnerable members of society is of particular importance, given that these individuals may have a range of psychological or neuropsychiatric conditions coexisting with a complex social background.

I would like to express disappointment at the profession's silence on the cases of Gary McKinnon and Talha Ahsan, both young British men diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome, who face extradition to the US. These are two cases often hidden from mainstream media and society.

Given the BMA's claims to advocate ‘the highest standards of human rights in healthcare' and its recent, and admirable, stance on the human rights abuses in Bahrain and Syria, we are extremely surprised at its silence on human rights abuses when they occur closest to home – yet accept that this is partly due to the hidden nature of the abuses and often misrepresentation in the media.

We would like to see the BMA and the medical profession call for an end to inhumane treatment of vulnerable prisoners in this country. We demand an immediate end to extended periods of detention without trial and to the threat of extradition of our citizens and patients no matter what their race, religion, creed or colour. We look forward to hearing the BMA's response and to your support.

From Dr I Sabri, Director of InMind, and co-signatories (below)

Dr I Hussain

Dr H Lawal

Dr F Haque

Dr.M Khan

Dr I Qureshi

Dr J Bajwa

Dr Ghausia Shahnawaz

Dr Mohjir Baloch

Dr A. Farooq

Dr R Rashid

Dr A Iqbal

Dr M Khan

Dr AS Khan

Dr F Hussain

Mr S Shariff

Dr S Aly

Dr K Hassanally

Dr U Ahmad

Dr P Asaria

Dr N Ozyilmaz

Dr F Hamjra

Dr D Mirza

Dr U Abdulmajid

Dr M Choudhury

Dr F Ulhaq

Dr MU Quraishi