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BMA urges sessional GPs to make voice heard on pay, morale and partnerships

By Gareth Iacobucci

Salaried and locum GPs are being handed a bigger say on the next round of GP pay negotiations, after the GPC pledged to use the results of a new survey to inform its discussions with the Government.

The survey – launched this week, and developed after a disgruntled group threatened to quit the BMA last year – urges sessional GPs to air their views and grievances on a range of issues.

The questionnaire asks a series of questions on employment, such as whether contracts meet nationally agreed minimum terms and conditions, what GPs' current level of morale is, and how difficult it has been to find a partnership.

It also asks them whether they are satisfied that the issues facing the sessional GP workforce are being properly addressed by the profession, and their level of engagement with local medical committees.

The results of the survey will be used to inform next year's evidence to the Doctors' and Dentists' Review Body (DDRB) on the pay and working conditions of sessional GPs, and will also be used to develop a ‘gold standard' of best practice for LMCs on how to ensure that their membership reflects all GPs.

The launch of the survey follows the success of Pulse's One Voice campaign, which called for a profession-wide debate on opening up partnership opportunities to ease tensions between principals and salaried GPs.

Dr Vicky Weeks, chair of the BMA's Sessional GP Subcommittee, and co-chair of the BMA's Sessional GP Representational Working Group, urged salaried GPs and locums to make their voice heard.

‘Sessional GPs are growing in number. It is important that their voice is heard and that the issues they face are at the forefront of the profession's mind,' she said.

‘[The survey] will be vital in informing the working group and helping it make recommendations on how sessional GPs will be represented at a national and local level.'

‘The results of the survey will also be used as part of next year's evidence to the DDRB on the remuneration and working patterns of sessional GPs.'

Dr Vicky Weeks BMA Sessional GPs Contract Survey

BMA Sessional GPs Contract Survey

Read the full survey

To download a copy of the BMA's Sessional GPs Contract Survey, please click here.


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