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Campaign to identify GP commissioners opposed to health bill

Union leaders have launched a petition today to dispel the Government’s claim that GPs in clinical commissioning groups are supportive of the health bill.

The Medical Practitioners Union petition has launched the petition to stop the Government using the number of GPs signed up to clinical commissioning groups as support for their NHS reforms.

The MPU claims many GPs have only signed up to protect their patients’ future interests.

‘Poor law, on top of £20 billion efficiency savings for the NHS over the next five years, will put more lives at risk now and in the future.’

‘Participation in shadow CCGs is not and should not be claimed as support for the whole Health and Social Care Bill, which we do not support,’ says the union in a statement.

MPU supports the BMA’s campaign to have the bill withdrawn and is urging the Government to at least hold the bill and allow full scrutiny and consultation of it and its amendments in Parliament, something they claim is not possible within the current time frame.