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Consortia committed to cuts until 2015

By Ian Quinn

GP commissioning groups across London have been asked to commit to cuts of more than £2.5bn stretching into the year 2015.

NHS London has received a massive list of proposed cuts from trusts across the capital that have clustered together to tackle shortfalls. And while health secretary Andrew Lansley has pledged PCT debts accrued up to April will be written off as far as GP consortia are concerned, trusts are warning GPs must accept efficiency demands are their ‘clinical and financial legacy'.

NHS London, England's biggest SHA, was last week meeting to amalgamate efficiency plans under the Government's QIPP programme into a four-year, London-wide plan.

The six PCTs across south-east London were among the first to heap together their debts, with a joint report revealing plans to make efficiency savings of £72m by 2014/15 in an attempt to wipe out debts of £64m.

Consortia committed to cuts until 2015 Health bill

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