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GP minister resigns from Government over Brexit

The only GP in a minister post has announced his resignation over current Brexit policy, calling it ‘detrimental to the people we are elected to serve’.

Dr Phillip Lee, the MP for Bracknell, publically announced his resignation from his justice minister post on Twitter this morning.

He cited being able to ‘speak up’ about Brexit on behalf of his constituents as his reason for doing so.

Dr Lee said: ‘I am incredibly sad to have had to announce my resignation as a minister in Her Majesty’s Government so that I can better speak up for my constituents and country over how Brexit is currently being delivered.’

He added: ‘I believe that the evidence now shows that the #Brexit policy our Government is currently pursuing on the basis of the 2016 referendum is detrimental to the people we are elected to serve.’

Dr Lee, who supported the campaign to remain in the EU, said: ‘When MPs vote on the House of Lords’ amendments to the EU Withdrawal Bill I will support the amendment which will empower Parliament to reject a bad deal and direct the Government to re-enter discussions.

‘For me, this is about the important principle of Parliamentary sovereignty.’

He added: ‘If Brexit is worth doing, then it is certainly worth doing well; regardless of how long that takes.’

Dr Lee previously made headlines when he compared the NHS to a ‘Ponzi’ or pyramid scheme at the Conservative Party Conference last year.

In an an interview with Pulse last year, Dr Lee called for more ‘honesty’ about how the NHS works.