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GP pressure group launched with 2,500 members

A campaign group of 2,500 GPs has been set up to lobby the Government for ‘sustainable workload, fairer funding, and the promotion of general practice’.

GPSurvival started as a social media group exchanging its views but has grown dramatically in size and now has an interim committee finalising the group’s constitution, ahead of elections for committee members next year.

The organisation, which is likely to be launched formally this week or next, was set up by Powys-based GP Dr Alan Woodall, who had previously set up Resilient GP.

It argues that general practice is being put at risk through ‘under-investment, ill-conceived policy and over-regulation’.

GPSurvival’s media lead Dr Zoe Norris, a GP from Humberside, said: ‘This group aims to support and represent grassroots GPs working in NHS primary care. Born out of frustration at the failure of the current bodies that purport to represent GPs, we now have over 2,500 members, the numbers growing daily.

‘We will consistently promote general practice and challenge both media and politicians when they deride GPs, whilst supporting members working on the frontline. The five main areas we are campaigning for are sustainable workload, fairer funding, promotion of appropriate usage of general practice, promotion of general practice, and supporting a skilled GP workforce.”