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GP rap hits back over health secretary’s out-of-hours comments

A GP locum has released a rap on You Tube calling on health secretary Jeremy Hunt to resign over his comments on out-of-hours services.

Rapping under the name ‘The Doctor’, London GP Dr Chima Anya hits out at Mr Hunt in his video, ‘Can’t Touch This - Hunt Resign’, based on MC Hammer’s 1990 hit, ‘U Can’t Touch This’.

The rap criticises the health secretary for suggesting GPs should work seven days a week, even through GPC chair Dr Laurence Buckman and RCGP chair Professor Clare Gerada have ‘called him out’ over proposals, calling for his resignation.

Dr Anya raps: ‘Billions wasted on reforms and now GP inspections. A&Es in trouble, those in power say GPs should work seven days a week 24 hours. It’s your fault!’

‘Mr Hunt, where’s the evidence?… I’m tired of the lies and the rubbish that you spout. Buckman called you out, Gerada called you out.’

The new tune comes after the ‘Andrew Lansley Rap’ by MC Nxtgen made headlines two years ago, criticising the then-health secretary over the reforms enshrined in the Health and Social Care Act.

Dr Anya told Pulse he was urged to do the song by GP colleagues. He said: ‘They wanted me to address the current dire situation.

‘I was also getting frustrated with the lay press really misrepresenting the situation. I thought if I could get some of the more salient points across in an accessible way I could hopefully try my best to undo the disaster we are heading for.

‘That’s why I chose MC Hammer, because everyone knows it, and it also keeps it light hearted because at the end of the day I think we all try our best, some are just misguided and have no idea what they are doing.’