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GPC calls for special taskforce to tackle premises ‘crisis’

The GPC is calling for a special task-force to investigate solutions for improving GP premises, following a roundtable discussion with NHS England and health minister Earl Howe among others.

The meeting was the first time that the interested parties in the premises debate have discussed the crisis and came as 40% of practices said that they felt their premises weren’t fit for providing GP services.

Speaking after the meeting today, GPC chair Dr Chaand Nagpaul said that the Government had accepted that failing to address the premises ‘crisis’ would undermine attempts to shift care into the community.

Dr Nagpaul said: ‘It was clear from our discussions that Earl Howe and the senior representatives from the NHS understand how this crisis is undermining patient care and GP services, and that it seriously threatens the Government’s strategy of providing more care out of hospital settings.’
“We will be calling for a task and finish group to ensure that solutions are found to ensure the GPs can provide care in fit for purpose premises to meet the expanding needs of patients in the community.

The GPC have previously said they would ‘hold NHS England to ransom’ over changes to the funding of rented premises after NHS England stopped a number of discretionary payments including trade waste removal.