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GPC member attacks RCGP over online access report

A senior member of the GPC has attacked the RCGP for being ‘politically naive’ by providing political cover for some of the Government’s proposed GP contract changes.

The GPC member – who did not wish to be named - told Pulse that the college’s report into expanding online access to GP services would enable the Government to ‘foist’ new work on practices.

As part of a deal announced last month, the Department of Health said it wanted to retire the organisational domain of QOF and shift those funds towards an enhanced service for expanding online access. The RCGP is currently preparing a report into this subject for the DH.

The GPC member told Pulse: ‘They’ve cosied up to the Government and agreed to foist a whole load of new work on GPs, without bothering to check just who is going to do it, and who is going to pay.’

Other GPC members did not back the strong line taken by their colleague. Dr John Rawlinson, a GP in Ascot, a member of GPC and chair of Berkshire LMC, said: ‘I would hope, with the variety of liaisons that we have with the RCGP, that there would be a conclusion that was satisfactory to all parties.

‘We all want what is best for patients, but what seems a good idea in theory is not always a good idea in practice. My concern is clinical safety over anything else.’

Dr Peter Holden, GPC negotiator, said: ‘The RCGP is interested in the quality of education standards, but sometimes is divorced from economic and operational reality.’

An RCGP spokesperson said: ‘It is important that this work is led from general practice. The College can provide the professional leadership and support that GP practices will need to deliver patient online access in a way that is appropriate, workable and realistic for all parties.’


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