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GPC surveys members over ‘perceived barriers’ for women leaders

The BMA’s GP committee is surveying its members over ‘perceived barriers’ for women when running for leadership positions on the GPC.

The ‘overcoming barriers to gender equality on GPC’ task and finish group has sent out a survey to all GPC members and members of the trainees and sessional subcommittees to ask about issues GPs face when deciding to run for leadership positions.

Dr Rachel Ali, a GPC member and lead for the task and finish group, said the survey was sent after the GPC ‘noted that there were fewer women in leadership roles and on the committee as a whole than are present in the profession and wondered why that was’.

Dr Ali told Pulse the survey asks ‘about any perceived barriers about getting on the committees in the first place as well and whether there’s anything we could be doing better’.

She said: ‘The goal is to try and make sure that there are no barriers for people putting themselves forward for GPC and that once we’re on GPC and once we have overcome those barriers and have found our place here, that we’re all contributing and all helping make sure that we’re doing our best by the profession.’

The taskforce sent out a similar survey to LMCs, which was to be disseminated to all LMC members, asking about ‘gender issues’ that make it difficult for GPs to take on leadership roles within their LMC.

Dr Ali said this survey also asks for examples of ‘good practice’ where GPs are being supported to run for these positions so that can be shared between LMCs.

She added that the GPC is looking to publish the survey findings ‘by end of the summer’.