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Green Party pledges full support to Pulse’s alternative election manifesto

The Green Party has pledged full support to Pulse’s alternative election manifesto, calling for more respect for GPs and an end to their ever-increasing workloads.

Dr Jillian Creasy, a GP who is standing as parliamentary candidate for the Greens in Sheffield Central and is the party’s lead on health, told Pulse she is supporting the full manifesto, which calls on politicians to stop disparaging the profession and to promise year-on-year increases to primary care funding.

Dr Creasy said: ‘I am happy to support all these requests and would push for them if elected as an MP, and as health spokesperson for the Green Party if I am not.’

Pulse has sent the list of policy priorities, voted on through by over 400 GPs via an online survey, to all the main political parties, urging that they be implemented in full if they are successful in next week’s general election.

The Greens are the first party to officially back the manifesto, which urges politicians to: