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Letter of the week: Patients will back pensions fight

I agree with your recent editorial on pensions.

I have recently retired, but an assault on pensions would be the only reason I would support industrial action by GPs. I was disappointed that the LMCs conference rejected this.

It unfortunately appears to be a battle between private- and public-sector provision.

I believe a majority of patients would support maintaining the current NHS pension scheme even in the present political climate, although a large proportion of people in the private sector would like to see it fail.

They do not realise the value of what they stand to lose when the NHS workforce (nurses, midwives, doctors) is diminished in stature, but it will cost everyone dearly.

The only ones who will benefit are the wealthy business people and bankers who will be even better off by paying less tax, and who will be well placed to afford private healthcare.

Let's see MPs and top bankers accept removal of their even more generous pension arrangements, not to mention other perks and bonuses. Only then should we agree to discuss any further alteration to doctors' and nurses' pensions.