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Meldrum: Time to move on

By Gareth Iacobucci

The chair of the BMA has urged GPs to 'move on' and begin implementing the Government's commissioning plans following the conclusion of the two month 'pause' to the NHS reform agenda.

The association has been one of the most vocal opponents of the controversial Health and Social care Bill, but praised the Government earlier this week for listening to some its recommendations, particularly around the role of competition in the NHS.

Speaking during a debate at the Commissioning 2011 conference in London yesterday, Dr Hamish Meldrum said it was now 'a time for doing' after the conclusion of the listening period.

Dr Meldrum said: 'It's been an interesting few months, and particularly the last few weeks. But I think we're at the position now where we've actually got to move on. The time for listening and reflecting [has passed], I think It's now a time for doing.'

Dr Meldrum added: 'We will do what I think we've lost a little bit as a profession over the years, and we'll regain a bit of our professional values and our professional pride.'

Dr Meldrum's view was echoed by the panel, which also included Sir John Oldham and Dame Barbara Hakin from the Department of Health, Roswyn Hakesley-Brown of the Patients' Association and Future Forum chair Professor Steve Field.

'It is now time for action,' said Professor Field.'The time for politics is over. Pathfinders should have the confidance to move forward quickly. Clinical leadership is the way forward.'

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