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NHS primary care medical director takes new role

NHS primary care medical director takes new role

NHS England’s medical director of primary care Dr Nikki Kanani is leaving her role to join NHS England’s chief delivery office team as director for clinical integration, initially on secondment.

Dr Kanani has been in her current role since late 2018, and negotiated the 2019 five-year contract, which introduced primary care networks.

She was also responsible for the rollout of the Covid vaccination programme in primary care, as well as overseeing the primary care response to the pandemic – including implementing the standard operating procedure.

Dr Kanani will be supporting the work of the new NHS England programme and it is currently planned that she will come back to the primary care role in a year.

NHS England national medical director Steve Powis said: ‘I would like to extend my huge thanks to Nikki for her hard work and invaluable support as medical director for primary care – Nikki’s clinical leadership formed an important part of the NHS England response to the pandemic including helping deliver the fastest and most successful vaccination programme in the health service’s history.

‘I wish Nikki the very best, as she takes on this secondment to support the development and delivery of the new NHS England’s clinical model for how we deliver care to patients following the pandemic.’

Dr Kanani will continue working with the Covid vaccination team, and Mark Cubbon, chief delivery officer at NHS England, said NHS England is ‘putting in place arrangements to ensure there will be continued medical leadership and support for primary care’.

He added: ‘Nikki has demonstrated strong clinical, strategic, and operational leadership prior to the pandemic and throughout it as medical director for primary care and deputy SRO for the NHS Covid vaccination programme. 

‘Her values based, compassionate and inclusive leadership approach will be put to good use as she contributes to the work which is underway to develop the culture and values for the new organisation.’  



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Michael Mullineux 28 July, 2022 11:27 am

No comment

Patrufini Duffy 28 July, 2022 1:42 pm

Waiting for a comment.

I was playing Where’s Wally recently. Half price on Amazon at £4. Funny that sidekick Waller has also slid out of his co-signatory role in all those warped and offensive SOPs too, nicely and quietly done – and now is Deputy Chief Finance officer for the NHS.

Smoothly does it. Damage done. Get out while you can. Under the rug. Force the PCN. And run. Leave the mess behind. The sell-off in full swing. Dinner with Americans and fancy tech. Words (or lack of) said. Move on. It never happened. Just like the Steve Fields, Hancocks, Madans and Professor this and that. Dust the hands off. No one will notice. Leave it in a worse mess and without meaning or legacy. Tweets done, the gutter still looks like a gutter. But, unlucky for them, with plenty of holes now and a blockage which is some mesmerising accolade. The NHS cake is worth a lot of dollar, NHSE leadership knows that, siphon it off, mates rates, change nothing, rephrase everything, bullet points here and there, meeting this and meeting that, blame them there, work them harder, scheme this and that, monitor them closely, let’s not say anything, I’ll get it sorted, don’t worry we’ll get you on board. That’s what’s going on in the fortress of DoH and NHSE these days, but their matrix is crumbling. It’s all plain to see. Thank you.

Hot Felon 28 July, 2022 3:21 pm

Anything but be an actual doctor

Turn out The Lights 28 July, 2022 3:37 pm

The Carousel of failure go round again,go some where else to destabilise ,defund and destroy.

Dr N 28 July, 2022 4:19 pm

That job sound really useful. I am sure my patients on the endless secondary and community care waiting lists will be grateful for her input.

Kevlar Cardie 29 July, 2022 4:06 pm

So what ? Nothing changes.