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‘Pale, male and stale’ BMA mulls re-brand

The BMA is exploring the possibility of re-branding amid fears its leadership may be viewed as ‘pale, male and stale’.

A presentation at BMA House for council members last month saw questions raised about the make-up of the association, and whether or not it was appealing to women doctors and those from black and minority ethnic groups.

Pulse understands a firm specialising in brand identity gave a presentation to members about making the BMA more appealing.

Dr Louise Irvine, BMA Council member and a GP in Lewisham, south-east London, said: ‘We talked of ways of encouraging people from more diverse backgrounds to put themselves forward for Council, and ways of reducing barriers.’

Dr Irvine said one of the questions raised at the presentation was whether BMA Council might be considered ‘pale, male and stale’.

Dr Georgina Brown, chair of the BMA’s diversity and equality committee, said: ‘If you see it as a diverse organisation, you can identify with it and feel like you fit in.’

A BMA spokesperson said the talks were ‘part of our efforts to improve our communications and member engagement.’

Leading female GPs recently warned the GPC’s all-male negotiating team was ‘unbalanced’ after Dr Beth McCarron-Nash, the sole female negotiator, lost her seat.