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Petition for Parliament to look into primary care support failures

A petition to Parliament is calling for a public enquiry into NHS England primary care support services outsourcing contract and the impact this has had on GP practices.

The petition, which has almost 3,000 signatures so far, was launched by GP practice manager Paul Conroy and is almost a third of the way to the 10,000 mark which would trigger a response from the Government. At 100,000 it would be considered for a debate of MPs.

The petition cites significant issues with Capita’s overhaul of local support services, which Pulse has revealed left trainees unpaid, has seen patients unable to apply for jobs, and led to a practice being referred to the Information Commissioner’s Office.

The petition calls on the Government to ‘order a public enquiry into the PCSE Contract, and its impact on NHS services.’

It adds: ‘The Primary Care Support England contract was awarded to Capita by NHS England and commenced in March 2016.

‘The service has lost countless medical records, placed services in jeopardy, and resulted in delays to junior doctors being able to start in their posts.’