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Public confidence in GP commissioning running low

By Ian Quinn

Confidence in the Government's proposals for GP commissioning is low, with a survey finding only 21% of the public think the plans are likely to improve health services.

According to a PA Consulting Group, YouGov survey of more than 2,000 members of the public, the white paper has the potential to deliver real improvements but investment is needed to enable clinicians and GPs to succeed.

Confidence in the proposals to make local GPs responsible for commissioning is floundering, with only 21% of the general public thinking it will boost healthcare.

Nearly half (48%) of the general public don't trust their local NHS to engage effectively with the local population regarding proposed changes to or closures of NHS services within their area.

Andy Mullins, head of health at PA Consulting Group said: ‘The white paper reforms represent the biggest change to the NHS since 1948. For them to be successful the Government will need to resist the temptation to interfere with local decisions, invest in management capability (contrary to their current direction), develop new information systems to support better commissioning decisions and perhaps surprisingly, more regulation to ensure the new market works effectively.'