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RCGP calls for ‘COBRA-style taskforce’ on childhood obesity

The RCGP is calling for a COBRA-style emergency taskforce to tackle the growing prevalence of childhood obesity before a generation is ‘destroyed’ by poor diet and the NHS is overwhelmed.

They are also advocating that GPs and other health professionals receive further training on obesity and malnutrition, and asking for more outreach projects to educate families on nutrition.

The college is one of 12 organisations who have written an open letter to England’s Chief Medical Officer, Dame Sally Davies, asking that she urgently establish a Child Obesity Action Group to look at obesity prevention and treatment.

Referencing the Government’s taskforce for national security, a statement by the college said: ‘GPs are calling for a COBRA-style emergency taskforce to be set up to tackle the rising epidemic of childhood obesity.’

Dr Rachel Pryke, RCGP clinical lead for nutrition, said: ‘We are in danger of destroying  the health of a whole generation of children.’

‘As parents and health professionals, we need to take responsibility and ensure that every child has a healthy and varied diet and regular exercise.’