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RCGP to re-run chair elections after ‘technical error’

Exclusive The RCGP is having to re-run the election of its next chair, after one of the two candidates was disqualified due to a ‘technical error’.

Dr Steve Mowle, who is RCGP vice chair, and Dr Maureen Baker were the only candidates for chair; however, the RCGP council decided to re-open nominations after a ‘technical error’ meant one of them was disqualified.

Nominations to replace Professor Clare Gerada, whose term ends in November, will now be re-opened in March.

The RCGP said in a statement: ‘Two candidates submitted nominations for the role of chair-elect of council but, due to a technical error, one of the candidates was subsequently ruled out from running in the election. Due process was followed throughout.

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‘Council has reached its decision on the grounds that the chair-elect needs the full mandate of Council, as representatives of the RCGP’s 46,000 membership.

‘The vote to re-run the election was taken in the interests of democracy and at no time was the suitability of the individual candidates ever a factor.’

The RCGP refused to confirm the exact nature of the technical error, and which candidate was involved.