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Stop worrying about public support

It is not realistic to expect NHS employees to be able to do their jobs properly in their 60s. In reality, many will take early retirement if they can, for a markedly reduced pension. This means that under the new pension proposals, many of us will be paying much more to receive very much less. Given that the pension fund is in yearly profit, this is an outrageous situation.

We need to stop worrying about public support and simply stand up for what we believe is right. If we can galvanise the profession to be truly united and determined – and yes, even resort to some kind of withholding of our labour – we will win. The BMA should be balloting all doctors, not just BMA members, and is right to be talking to other NHS staff unions too.

Let's open our eyes to what is happening here – the dismantling of the NHS, the gradual erosion of our pay and professional status, and at the end of it all, the theft of our pensions.

From Dr Simon Moore,
Crouch End, north London