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The PM must listen to bill critics

Open letter to No 10

We are writing to protest at your exclusion of the organisations that represent the majority of health professionals from your recent meeting about the implementation of the health bill.

You have pointedly excluded key organisations that represent the views of over half a million health professionals.

In so doing you make it clear you are not willing to listen to the views of the very people who you yourself have said are to be significant beneficiaries of the bill and whose support is key to its implementation.

If you were serious about safeguarding and improving the NHS, you would listen to these critical voices – all telling you to abandon the bill. Instead you have called together a group of yes men who will allow you to claim you have significant professional support when you have no such thing.

Your attempt to split the profession while ignoring their voice is profoundly antidemocratic.

This bill will not succeed when the majority of healthcare workers oppose it.

From Dr Louise Irvine, GP; Dr Jacky Davis, consultant radiologist; and Mr Iain Wilson, staff nurse,


Ms Melanie Towers, occupational therapist