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GPs in Scotland to get 1% pay rise in 2015/16

GPs in Scotland will receive a 1% pay increase in 2015/16 as the Scottish Government and GPC are ‘completely re-examining’ the GP contract for 2017 and beyond.

The Scottish Government revealed that £7.6 million will be added to the value of the GP contract, with £3 million for the GP pay rise and £4.6 million earmarked for the costs of running practices.

On top of this, the Scottish Government is also providing a further £2.2 million to GPs to fund the cost of the population growth in 2014/15.

Health Secretary Shona Robison said: ‘This additional investment of £9.8 million is part of our commitment to continuing to support, build upon and sustain Scottish general practice.’

She said that the Scottish Government was working collaboratively with the GP profession to discover how primary care can be delivered sustainably in the future.

Dr Alan McDevitt, chair of the Scottish GPC, told Pulse: ‘It is the intention of the Government to deliver a 1% pay rise to GPs and the problem predominantly is the issue of expenses, particularly the rises in superannuation and the employers’ contributions.

‘We are concerned that with the challenges in expenses, the 1% won’t be delivered. So we are not super-delighted, but at least it is a pay rise in theory and we are are hoping it will deliver at least 1% in these difficult times.’

It comes after Pulse revealed that GPs will give up employing practice staff and potentially have contractual limits set on their workload under proposals being looked at by Scottish ministers.