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A day in the life of general practice

27 entries from 17 GPs and practice staff across the country give a unique snapshot of modern general practice on the 50th anniversary of Pulse's first issue. Read the full blog here.

To celebrate our golden anniversary, we asked GPs to help us write a collaborative blog charting a typical day in the life of general practice. Here's what you came up with...

A day in the life of general practice

0615: Dragged out of bed by the alarm clock - and the Ardnamurchan point
The Jobbing Doctor kicks off our day in the life of modern general practice with an uncomfortably early start.

0747: Extended hours surgery
Dr Stewart Findlay, a GP in Bishop Auckland, County Durham, starts a twelve-hour day with an extended hours surgery, which impresses his patients - even if they don't need it.

0800: The blue screen of death
Jobbing Doctor arrives at his surgery.

1040: Feeding the QOF beast
Patients either side of the river present Aberdeen GP Dr Kevin Hinkley with very different challenges.

1100: Dealing with addiction
Three of Jobbing Doctor's six patients so far have been drug addicts.

1201: I like Mondays
For Dr Richard Deacon, a GP in Rossendale, Lancashire, Monday morning surgery is the best of the week.

1250: A difficult decision
It's lunchtime at the Jobbing Doctor's practice, and a patient has just asked for a crucial piece of advice.

1321: Halfway there
Bishop Auckland GP Dr Stewart Findlay is half way through his epic twelve-hour day. Two surgeries down, two to go...

1328: A busy morning for a nurse practitioner
Angela Nagle, a nurse practitioner at a GP practice in east London, has seen 30 patients so far today. And it's only lunch...

1400: Doing my rounds
The Jobbing Doctor keeps it deliberately low-tech as he heads out on home visits.

1410: The perks of being a locum - a day off
For Pulse's locum blogger GP For Hire, it's been a very easy Monday.

1528: Surgery, meeting, meeting, surgery
Dr Richard Page, a GP in Audley, Staffordshire, has had a busy day - and has an equally busy night to look forward to.

1559: The unique challenges faced by small practices
Dr Krishna Chaturvedi describes the difficulties, and the rewards, of working in a small practice in Southend in Essex.

1627: Appraisals time for practice staff
The Jobbing Doctor has been appraising - and praising - his practice staff.

1645: My Monday, hour by hour
Every hour of Harlow GP Dr Rob Gerlis' day is fully accounted for.

1740: Managing the care home burden
Dr Stewart Findlay's Bishop Auckland practice covers six care homes, and faces the challenge of providing high-quality but cost-effective care.

1752: A visit from the PCT
A meeting with the PCT gives Bedfordshire GP Dr Mary Hawking a heads up about changes to practice funding next year.

1800: Struggling to help epileptic patients
Try as he might, the Jobbing Doctor finds himself unable to make any significant impact on some of his epileptic patients.

1850: Why does everyone have a UTI at the moment?
That's the burning question preoccupying Copperfield today.

1915: A flying trip to Germany
Dr Charles Alessi is a GP in Kingston, southwest London. But today, he's working elsewhere...

1925: Four patients, four stories - four reasons to give them online access to their records
A typical day at Dr Amir Hannan's practice in Hyde, Greater Manchester, throws up four very different reasons for patients to have online access to their own electronic health records.

1930: A new IT system, a suspect skin lesion - and far too many testicular problems
It's all in a day's work for Halifax GP Dr Asad Mubarik.

1945: A practice nurse's perspective
Lorraine Pring, a practice nurse at the Yare Valley Medical Practice in Norwich, has early patients, dismissive consultants and an unfamiliar feline to deal with.

2000: The 'Gordon' surgery
Jobbing Doctor knows exactly who to thank for his extended hours surgery.

2027: My 'day off'
She may not be at the surgery, but Dr Nicola Hambridge, a GP in Pudsey, West Yorkshire, managed to keep surprisingly busy.

2045: Into the evening
Buckingham GP Dr Nigel Masters is working late.

2130: Home at last
It's a late finish for Bishop Auckland GP Dr Stewart Findlay, as he rounds off our day in the life of general practice.

A day in the life of general practice