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Appraisal to blame for lack of GPs

Is it any wonder that there is now such a shortage of GPs? The progression of the appraisal bandwagon and revalidation at enormous cost have resulted in many older, experienced and capable part-time GPs deciding to hang up their stethoscopes for good rather prematurely – this is such a waste of resources.

The current appraisal system is very difficult for

part-time GPs or locums to satisfy, and no account whatsoever is taken of long experience and freedom from previous complaints or litigation.

What evidence is there

that the present bunch of appraisal devotees are any better or safer than the previous generation, who were not subjected to such supervision?

Perhaps the small army of appraisers should resign and get back to doing more frontline clinical work rather than claiming large fees for sitting in judgment of colleagues whose clinical acumen may well be superior to their own.

From Dr RG James, a retired GP, Lowestoft, Suffolk