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BMA backs revalidation rollout after Government agrees to fund remediation

The BMA has formally backed the GMC's timetable for the rollout of revalidation after the NHS Commissioning Board agreed to fund remediation for GPs.

The BMA said in a statement that the NHSCB had committed to support GPs that need to take time out of work to complete remediation- such as additional training - while commissioners will fund remedial placements and assessments for GPs.

The issue has been a crucial sticking point for the BMA, which has insisted that the financial burden must not fall on GPs themselves.

Under the GMC timetable, revalidation is due to go live as of December.

BMA Council chair Dr Mark Porter said: ‘The BMA believes that while there is significantly more work to be done to get revalidation into proper shape, the seven principles for implementation established by the BMA have been broadly recognised and sufficiently addressed to enable the General Medical Council to proceed with its timetable.'

‘In addition to improvements secured over the past few years, we are encouraged by a commitment given this week that the NHS Commissioning Board (NHSCB) will establish funding to support GPs who need remediation away from their place of work, and confirmation that the responsibility for funding remedial placements and assessments for GPs will rest with commissioners. The principle of fairly funded remediation had not been addressed previously, and had been our major outstanding concern.'

‘Fair and reasonable access to funding will be determined through a set of criteria determined by the NHSCB working with the BMA.'

Dr Porter added: ‘We will be providing full support to our members as and when revalidation is rolled out. We will also continue to press for action on a range of issues that require further work. It is essential that revalidation is reviewed every step of the way by all parties so that we can be sure that the system is working for patients and for doctors.'

The news comes as the UK Revalidation Programme Board has met today to consider preparedness for revalidation roll out.