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BMA under fire over Serco phoneline contract

The BMA has come under fire for outsourcing its members’ phone support to a subsidiary of service giant Serco at the same time as campaigning against greater private involvement in the NHS.

A GP campaigning for election to BMA Council claimed the deal undermined the organisation’s anti-commercialisation stance, particularly as Serco is among those companies competing to run NHS services.

The Listening Company, a subsidiary of Serco, provides initial telephone advice to BMA members although more complex cases are then referred directly to the BMA.

Dr Helena McKeown, a member of BMA Council standing for re-election, raised the issue in her candidate statement, writing: ‘I believe your employment advice should be provided by the BMA, not a Serco subsidiary.’

Dr McKeown, a GP in Salisbury, admitted asking the BMA to take the service in-house would come at a cost, but would be worth it to avoid using a company that was part of the agenda it was campaigning against.

She said: ‘Industrial advice is the main thing I pay my BMA subs for. So I think it’s worth spending proportionally more of my BMA subs making sure we get this from the BMA. That has a cost. But for me it’s a point of principle.’

Dr Louise Irvine, a GP in Lewisham, south-east London who is also standing for election to BMA Council, said: ‘I was shocked to hear about BMA outsourcing services to Serco. I had no idea.’

‘I would not want any of my BMA membership fees going towards an organisation like that.’

A BMA spokesperson said: ‘This system allows the BMA to identify queries that can be dealt with quickly and efficiently or those that require detailed and potentially longer-term advice and support from a locally based expert adviser. The BMA’s local advisers are employed directly by the BMA.’

‘The contract with the Listening Company is tightly monitored by the BMA and provides a very good service to our members.’

The Listening Network and Serco were not available for comment.


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