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DH publishes list of practices due cash from £10m fees windfall

Hundreds of GP practices across England will be paid more than £10,000 each and thousands more will receive a cash windfall under an agreement to resolve underpayments in dispensing and personally administered fees.

The £10m one-off payment to GP practices was agreed by the GPC and Department of Health to resolve underspends in 2010/11 and 2011/12, and will be paid according to the proportion of dispensing and personally administered fees earned by each practice in 2010/11.

The one-off payment was first announced last month, but the Department of Health has today published a detailed breakdown of exactly how much each practice will receive.

One practice in Cornwall will receive over £30,000 in compensation, and over 260 practices will receive over £10,000 each, while a further 832 practices will receive between £1,000 and £10,000. Click here to see what your practice will receive.

Personally administered fees include those charged for immunisations, fitting long-term contraceptive devices and sutures, and the vast majority of non-dispensing practices are also owed a rebate.

Any practice that is due a payment of less than £2.50 will not be paid, although this only applies 49 practices nationwide.

A letter from Richard Armstrong, head of primary medical care at the Department of Health, said PCTs would be allocated the money and payments should be made ‘as soon as possible' this financial year.

In his letter, he said: 'This payment is in recognition that dispensing fees were not increased in 2011 and that there was an underspend against the feescale envelope in 2010-11.

'In line with the position, the negotiators agreed, and Ministers accepted, the £10 million is being distributed across practices in proportion to the dispensing and personally administered (PA) fees earned by each practice during 2010-11.'

Click here to see what your practice will receive.

Who will receive the payments?

Over £10,000 – 268 practices

Up to £10,000 - 832 practices

Up to £1,000 – 7,085 practices

£0 – 49 practices