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Dr Simon Bradley: ‘At a national level, we get real economies of scale’

We already have quite a number thinking of joining us and I think we will pick up a lot of members as a lot of the smaller federations being set up now will fail.

A lot are bordering on profitability. If you’re a federation of 30 to 40 GP practices, it´s going to take you five to seven years to get into profitability.

The margin from taking on LESs and DESs is so small that it will be eaten up by the costs of federating. Working at a national level as we are doing you get real economies of scale at a lower unit cost to practices.

We have a social knowledge platform that allows GPs to share information and documents as if they were in the same room. Our model preserves the independence of general practice but gives the clout of a national organisation.

For example, we can bid for occupational health contracts from the private sector and at the same time provide the infrastructure for local bids. We can back-office your local federation.

Dr Simon Bradley is a GP and national director of the Quality Practice federation