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GP funding figures to be published next week

The NHS funding and number of GPs in each practice will be published for the first time next week, in the first of a series of annual publications, NHS England has announced.

The publication of pay was included in the 2014/15 contract but, as previously reported by Pulse, the first set of figures will not be broken down to individual net pay but this level of detail is planned for the following publication in 2016.

The information, which forms part of NHS England’s ‘transparency’ agenda, will be made available on the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) website on Thursday 12 February.

It is expected to be accompanied by breakdown of the type of staff at the practice, including numbers of full and part-time GPs.

The GPC, which has reluctantly agreed to the publication, has warned it will not be useful or informative to patients. Opponents have also argued that it is a breach of GPs’ privacy.

Proponents of the publication, agreed in principle under the 2014/15 GMS contract, have argued that publishing individual pay would be helpful for GPs to prove a decline in net income after pension contributions and medical indemnity cover.

The publication will also span PMS and APMS practices.

In a news bulletin, NHS England said: ‘On 12 February, the Health and Social Care Information Centre will publish NHS payments to individual providers of general practice services in England for 2013/14. This will be the first in a series of annual publications, as agreed by the Technical Steering Committee, membership of which includes the General Practitioners Committee.

‘The publication is in line with the NHS commitment to transparency and NHS England’s commitment to publish these details, which it considers are in the public interest. Publication also fulfils NHS England’s commitment to publish the payments.’

Please note: This story was changed at 12:31 09/02/15 to reflect that it will be practice funding and not GP pay that will be published