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GP leaders reject call to scrap revalidation

By Gareth Iacobucci

LMC leaders have rejected calls for revalidation to be put on hold amid fears that such an action would hinder the progress they have made in encouraging the GMC to adopt a simpler, more proportionate process.

Dr Terry John, the GPC's lead on revalidation, urged GPs not to support the motion, saying it would not be helpful in helping GPC achieve a proportionate and slimmed down version that they were moving towards with the GMC.

Dr John said: 'Revalidation ought to take place as long as it's proportionate, simple and effective for all. We have been having some success with the GMC [in achieving this]. This motion doesn't really help us at all.'

But Dr Huntley McCallum, from Ayrshire and Arran LMC, who proposed the motion, insisted that the benefits of revalidation did not warrant the cost.

He said: 'Is it really justifiable that we support spending on regulation while patient services are being withdrawn? It is madness to say this protects patients when services are being cut. We all know this will not prevent another Shipman.'

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