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GP practice support staff salaries decrease year on year

GP practices in the UK are paying their managers £37,323 on average, showing a consistent reduction for the past two years.

The average pay, unveiled in a major survey, was 2.57% lower than in 2014/15 (£38,306) and 4.85% below the 2013/14 average salary of £39,225 per annum.

The survey, which had over 1,520 responses and ran for six weeks until the end of October, found the highest figure reported was £81,000 (for a non-partner practice manager based in London) and the lowest £17,363 (for a non-partner practice manager based in the South of England).

It included practice managers, assistant practice managers, operations managers, and practice business managers. When looking at only practice managers, and not including the other staff grade, the average pay was £40,529.

The survey also revealed a gender pay gap, with male practice managers being paid a salary more than 10% higher than their female counterparts.

Nearly half of all practice managers reported working overtime. Some 39% (521 PMs) worked between one and five hours overtime each week while 8% (107 PMs) worked between 10-15 hours overtime. 3% of participants (42 PMs) worked 30 hours or more overtime.

Survey participants commented that they are feeling low morale due to increased workload and decreased pay. 31.5% attributed low motivation to ‘lack of recognition’ by partners.

First Practice Management, an advisory service for practice managers, has conducted the annual survey since 2004. This year had an increase in responses and included questions focusing on the pay gap between men and women for the first time.

It comes as another survey revealed last week that almost all GP practice managers feel ‘overloaded’ and well over a quarter are actively planning to quit.