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GPs warn of Olympic disruption

GPs near the Olympic park in east London have been warned of ‘capacity, contingency and travel issues’ during the games this summer.

LMC leaders say the disruption caused by traffic routes reserved for Olympic and emergency traffic only will mean ‘it’ll be like the marathon’ for three months.

Routes reserved for Olympic officials and blue light ambulances are expected to run between 6am and midnight, making it difficult for staff and supplies to reach surgeries and alternative roads and public transport will be more congested.

A letter from the LMC to all practices warns of ‘logistical challenges to the NHS locally including capacity, contingency and travel issues’.

The letter advises using templates and plans developed by Transport for London to plan around the disruption as well as attending LMC drop-in sessions to help practices assess how they will be affected and how their business continuity plans should be updated.

Dr Kambiz Boomla, chair of City and East London LMC, said some of his staff are planning to work three or four days a week to minimise journeys into work and his practice is looking into storing three months worth of supplies in a central depot.

He said: ‘I’m sure that there will be a disruption. It’ll be like the marathon but going on- but for three months.’

‘It’s going to be trying. It’s a sore point that the people who will see most of the disruption did not get tickets and will end up watching the games on TV. There was no priority given for people who live and work locally, it’s a shame.’