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How we saved more than £3k on premises costs

John Baldaro explains how he helped one practice to save £3,200 over a year by cutting its utility costs.

The Misbourne Practice is 6-partner, 12,500 list size practice operating across two sites in Chalfont St Peter and Chalfont St Giles, Buckinghamshire.

Their 2008/9 accounts revealed that gross income was marginally down and expenses up; profits had fallen.

A detailed review of 12 month's invoices revealed that the practice used over 80 suppliers. On scrutiny, just 15 suppliers accounted for 80% practice expenditure and practice manager, Jo Yeomans, selected these suppliers for immediate review.

A specialist energy provider offering a 100% renewable supply reduced annual electricity costs by nearly £1,000. ‘Green' energy will doubtless raise the surgery's local profile and affords a good PR opportunity.

A detailed review of phone charges revealed additional savings. Even though four of the seven phone lines were tied to an extended contract with BT, it was possible to transfer the remaining lines to an alternate provider, releasing an additional £2,200 per year.

On premises costs alone, annual savings amount to £3,200.

John Baldaro is director at PracticeProfit, a firm of purchasing experts working exclusively with GPs. To assess your practice expenditure and receive a free action plan, register online at

Practices can save money by switching from BT to another phone provider DRIVING DOWN YOUR PRACTICE UTILITY BILLS

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