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Letter of the week: BMA blew it on pensions

It worries me enormously that the profession decided to make a stand on the issue of GPs' pensions and now appears to be backing down (BMA to consider 'all options' on pensions).

We are at risk of losing all credibility and influence over Government policy. We will be forevermore pushed around by successive governments who know that the BMA is a weak organisation that backs down in the face of adversity. Never again will threats of industrial action be taken seriously.

The BMA needs to seriously crank up the industrial action as soon as possible – universal boycotting of CQC registration would be the next logical step, as it would have zero impact on patient care. Failure to do this will lead to my complete disillusionment with the BMA and the loss of my membership. I am quite certain that many others will follow suit.

From Dr Chris Barringer, Newent, Gloucestershire