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Letter of the week: The minister is clearly deluded

Simon Burns MP, you are as deluded as you are ill-informed and naïve about the forthcoming industrial action (Strike action will come to nothing).

If this isn't enough to bring you back to the table for a fair negotiation so that all public-sector workers pay a similar percentage – which means higher earners pay more, in case you missed basic maths – then expect escalation. I would quite happily fully strike, withdraw from CCG work and hand in my resignation before bending over to allow you to add 6% tax to my pension, which is what this equates to.

If we give in now you'll be back in a couple of years to dip your hand in for some more. Australia, among others, treats their hard-working doctors with a lot more finesse. Do you want to lose all the juniors that have trained for six-plus years to other countries?

From Dr Andrew Parkin, Whistable via