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NHS City and Hackney: ‘We don’t feel we have a mandate yet’

The PCT says GPs have commissioned 333 new services under PBC since launch, covering areas such as ENT, gynaecology and cardiology, generating £6.5m of savings.

Dr Deborah Colvin, member of the executive of City and Hackney East London Integrated Care Society (an umbrella group representing six consortiums)

On progress so far…

‘We’ve got a good local hospital, which helps enormously, and we’ve spent a lot of time talking to the consultants there, designing pathways together. We’ve shifted quite an amount of work into primary care, agreed to stop unnecessary outpatient follow-ups and seen quite an impressive drop in outpatient referrals of 5-8%.’

On local GPs’ response to the white paper…

‘We’ve had lots of talks within our group and with the PCT. We’re arranging a meeting with all the GPs of City and Hackney to talk further because we don’t feel we have a mandate to represent them in the new world yet. Because the changes are so far reaching, GPs need to think about whether they wish to continue to have us represent them and, if they do, we would probably need new elections.’

And her advice for prospective GP commissioners…

‘Audit, discuss with peers and involve hospital consultants. And you’ve got to look at the big money. Don’t get caught up in trying to save tiny amounts.’

Dr Deborah Colvin: don’t yet have a local mandate Dr Deborah Colvin: don’t yet have a local mandate