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NHS Shared Business Services tied to performance indicators in key LMC victory

LMC leaders have won a series of key concessions in a controversial deal for the takeover of family health services by NHS Shared Business Services.

In response to LMC opposition to the deal, which covers 10 trusts in southwest England, NHS SBS – a joint venture between the Department of Health and private firm Steria – has agreed to write 63 performance measures previously seen as ‘aspirational’ into its contract.

NHS SBS has also guaranteed that call handling for patients and practices will be based in the South West, after complaints elsewhere that GPs were unable to get hold of NHS SBS staff to resolve local issues.

Monica Owens, NHS SBS marketing director, said: ‘NHS SBS has committed as part of its negotiations with the South West, to contractually underwrite 63 key performance indicators (KPIs) to ensure best practice service delivery.’

‘The 63 KPIs are recognised by family health service leaders as being aspirational; the decision by NHS SBS underscores our commitment to providing the highest levels of service quality and assurance.’

In its latest newsletter Gloucestershire LMC welcomed the concessions, but said GP leaders would be monitoring the success of the transfer.

‘The GPC would very much like to have feedback on how the transfer from Family Health Services to NHS SBS goes, and would like specific details of any significant failings by the supplier,’ it said.