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Payment error cost practices more than quarter of a million pounds

More than 50 practices were left without payments worth more than a quarter of a million pounds in the latest round of problems with NHS England’s practice payments.

Pulse revealed last week that GPs were considering issuing breach notices to NHS England after an administrative error left practices without rent reimbursements worth ‘tens of thousands of pounds’ each.

At the time NHS England was unable to tell Pulse how many practices had been hit, or the extent of the missing funding but they have now identified the affected payments and are ‘working to rectify’ the problem.

A spokesperson told Pulse: ‘As far as we are aware there have been 53 GP practices affected by monthly rent reimbursement payments which had not been made, all of which are in the Sutton and Merton areas. The total impact for these practices was £280,000.’

‘The problem was caused as the result of an administrative error, which we are working to rectify. To ensure that future payments are correct, we will set up a recurring payment system, to prevent this happening again.’