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PCT chief quits over mounting deficit

By Yvette Martyn

The chief executive of NHS Peterborough has resigned after the PCT revealed it had a £6.4m overspend.

Angela Bailey said the large overspend in 2009/10 was due to increased pressure across a number of areas - including the treatment and containment of swine flu - and said that she would step down as a result.

Angela Bailey said: ‘The timing of this decision is obviously linked to the current financial position of the PCT. The overspend happened in the organisation of which I am chief executive and therefore I cannot shirk responsibility.'

‘NHS Peterborough needs someone to lead it through the forthcoming challenges and I would not want to retire half way through that process. It is better for me, for the organisation and for the staff that someone comes in and leads this strongly from the beginning.'

She had previously hinted that services would be cut to help repay the deficit and had asked the local population to take care of one another to prevent unnecessary use of services.