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Pensions special report

In Pulse’s pensions special report, you can get advice on taking action safely and legally, read and ask FAQs about it, and hear why Simon Burns is critical of GPs’ vote on pensions.

You can also get advice from Hempsons lawyers about your rights and duties on the day, and read Dr Sam Everington’s experience of a midwinter sleep-out protest in 1989.

In the run-up to June 21, Pulse will continue to post news and keep the day of action blog updated.




Avoiding the legal pitfalls

Solicitors Rebecca Pallot and Philippa Doyle look at where GPs who are taking part in the industrial action stand legally


The last time I took action, I slept on the streets in December

After campaigning for junior doctors’ rights in 1989, Dr Sam Everington knows public support will be crucial in the pensions dispute.


Strike action will come to nothing

GPs who take part in the pension protest should be under no illusions that the Government will cave in, warns health minister Simon Burns.


Key questions for 21 June

Pulse answers some of the most pressing questions faced by GPs as they prepare for the BMA’s ‘day of action’


Preparing for the day of action

Dr Laurence Buckman, GPC chair, advises practices on the practical steps they should take to get ready for 21 June