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Practice manager salaries decline by 1% over past year

The average practice manager’s salary in the UK has declined by 1% over the past year, a new survey has shown.

The First Practice Management group’s annual survey of practice manager salaries shows that the average practice manager’s salary in the UK is £39,225 – a 1% decrease in comparison with 2013’s figure of £39,486.

It shows larger differentials between regions, with a lowest average salary for a practice manager in Scotland of £34,771, while in the south of England this rose to £41,954.

More than half the practice managers who participated in FPM Group’s survey also responded that they had not been given a pay rise in the past year.

Participants left several negative comments on the survey, with one PM even going as far as to say: ‘I struggle on my salary with a family and mortgage so do 5+ hours at another surgery every week.’

Additionally, just under a third of respondents reported receiving a bonus in the period covered by the survey, with the highest being £16,000 at a practice in the east of England while, in Scotland, one PM was given a bonus of £10.

The FPM group conducted the survey earlier this year and received more than 900 responses from health bodies in England and the devolved regions.